UA Boutique


Premiere Clothing Options for Discerning Clientele

One of the requirements for having word class clothing manufactured in Fiji is that you must also have world class tailors and support. Casanova was created to offer the people of Fiji and the South Pacific Islands a retail outlet to acquire our ‘off-the-rack’ clothing or individually custom tailored fine clothing at affordable prices.

What this Means for You

The same company that manufactures clothing for international clients can offer you export standard clothing in Fiji. Our staff is dedicated to delivering impeccable clothing at respectable pricing. We offer personalized service along with support from our tailor and sizing experts. As many often say, “The clothes make the person”… well then, following suit, when you leave, you will definitely look like a ‘new man’ or ‘new woman’.

Corporate Uniforms in Any Style

Casanova also offers a wide variety of corporate uniforms. Whether you wish to present your team with a more standard and generic professional style or whether you are looking for a corporate pattern and material with a more colourful ‘island flair’, Casanova will offer you a sensational look.
Casanova is open from 9 to 5 and Sat from 9 to 12. Feel free to contact us about any special requests.