United Apparel is a proud initial core participant in the groundbreaking TCF Council of Fiji’s accreditation programme. This programme saw many elite consultants from all over the world to assist and elevate participatory Council members. Upon the conclusion of the 3 year programme, an audit was performed by an international recognised, independent auditor. Firms that passed the audit are official ‘Make it in Fiji’ factories and can proudly display their accreditation and logo on all company collateral.

The audit was ‘all encompassing’ and addressed Quality Assurance, ethical treatment of workers and a long list of categories within Social Compliance. It has been similarly performed worldwide by a seasoned auditor. United Apparel received a remarkable ‘A’ rating, the best mark available and a standard few companies reach.

The ‘A’ rating carries with it a strong message that United Apparel equally prioritizes both our clients and our workers and that we treat them both with the same ultra professional standard.

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