Manufacturing Facility

Factory Complex


The United Apparel Complex is situated in Nadawa, some 6kms from the centre of Suva, the capital city of Fiji. The purpose built multi-million dollar complex sits on 12 acres of land and is truly unique in Fiji in terms of the environment it offers.

The entire production floor occupies an area of approx. 120,000 sq ft. and is equipped with a range of

modern, productive equipment which sets the benchmark for apparel manufacturers in Fiji.


In addition to the standard sewing machines one expects to find in such operations, United Apparel have invested in sophisticated technology like Gerber CAD Systems, Gerber Cutters, Rotondi Computerised Pressing Equipment, Reliant Fusing Press, Reece Pocket Welt & Key Hole Machines, Pfaff Zigzag Machine, Durkopp Adler Sleeve Setting Machines, Juki Bartackers.

Manufacturing Capability


In response to customer preferences for smaller volumes per order and shorter run times, United Apparel has progressively modified the manufacturing process, with an increase in the number of Quick Response Cells. QRC’s minimise the time it takes it to turnaround an order and provides our business with a more effective platform for dealing with small orders and regular style changes. We offer the flexibility of

being able to handle low minimums of 100 units and the turnaround times can be kept to a few weeks if clients are able to provide forward bookings or a production forecast. Our company is able to work on CMT as well as FOB supply basis subject to meeting minimum fabric order requirements. Some basic ranges of fabrics are available ex stock. United Apparel has a reliable network of raw material suppliers and we ensure only quality raw materials are used in our manufacturing process.

Training and Development

The company strongly believes its human resource is an investment towards it success. Regular training programs are carried in house to improve staff development. Consultants are also brought in from time to time to enhance their performance to international standards. Aspiring candidates are rewarded with promotions within the organisation structure.



The staffs of United Apparel are the key to our success and the core of our community. We recognize that whilst some of our international competitors force workers to accept sub-standard conditions in the workplace so owners can maximize their profits, United Apparel has the responsibility as a credible corporate citizen to ensuring our staff work in a safe and secure environment and are rewarded fairly for their effort and contribution to the business.

Reflecting this philosophy our factory complex boasts a self-sufficient staff canteen, a full size playing field for recreational activities, and well-shaded, landscaped leisure areas which provide staff with the highest levels of comfort and amenity during their work breaks and after work. For senior managers and expatriate staff suitable housing for families is provided on the factory site.

United Apparel is a proud sponsor of community and charity events which raise funds for the under privileged and social service organizations. We are an equal opportunity employer and females make up for over 75 percent of our total employees and many of them are in supervisory roles. The company has been providing employment to the disabled and has received recognition from Fiji National Council For Disabled Persons for providing highest level of employment to the disabled in the private sector.